What our customers say


We've dedicated ourselves to making the lives of accountants better, so we love receiving notes from our customers. Here's some of the lovely things our customers have had to say about us:

I have been using Keytime tax products for more years than I can remember. The programmes are easy to use and produce exactly what I need. The support team are exceptional. They answers questions speedily, efficiently and simply. I have no hesitation in recommending Keytime 100%. I have complete faith in their programmes - dealing with tax returns could not be easier.
Robinson Stewart & Co (October 2018)
I have been a customer of Keytime for several years. Over this time I have had occasion to contact Keytime several times, usually for problems of my own making! I have always found them easy to talk to, they understand what I need and always manage to sort it. Thank you Keytime
Pound-Wise Bookkeeping (October 2018)
At the age of 85, I was not brought up on computers. It is therefore a pleasure to use Keytime. Every now and then when I need support, I have been guided by the knowledgeable staff on how to rectify the issue in a simple and understandable manner.
J B S (October 2018)
Jomir explained exactly what he was doing and solved my problem. It’s always difficult when you have to set up a new computer with so much software - Jomir made it all look so easy, which is so different from the support given by other vendors. It’s a shame other vendors don't have someone like him working for them
Clive Burnett (September 2018)
Honestly, just keep doing what you're doing. I haven't found a single complaint in over 10 years of help and support from you guys. Whether it’s been support by email or phone, the replies and solutions come quickly, which when under time restraints to run our payrolls is crucial. Thanks for all you do
Michelle Durrant | Wilson Durrant (September 2018)
I have used the Keytime tax return software for the last 12 months and I have noticed a considerable reduction in the time spent on processing the returns. I am very pleased with it.
Ian Bowler (August 2018)
Whenever I have a problem with the operation of the Keytime suite, I find the Support Team, helpful, quick and extremely efficient.
AHF Associates (July 2018)
Any queries I've had have always been dealt with swiftly and relayed in a manner that makes it easy to rectify.
The National Extension College (July 2018)
The service simply could not be beaten and seemed a little short of magic.
Fylde Coast Accountancy Services (July 2018)