Why it was time for Keytime to get a makeover

Have you noticed yet?

Yes, that’s right. Keytime has had a makeover!

You’ve probably spotted the new logo and the change of colours across our website or on Twitter.

Why did we do it?

Well, it’s fairly simple really. The old brand, much loved though it was, had been around for eight years and the Keytime team felt it was the right time for us to adopt a more modern look.

The redesign reflects the changing accountancy landscape, the shift towards digital, and our standing as a company that creates up-to-date compliant solutions that match your needs.

What changes have we made?

The most obvious thing you’ll see is that the logo has been redesigned and the thinking behind the new appearance is as follows.

The arrow that forms the ‘K’ symbolically rests on the pillar of the letter, just as an accountancy practice leans on our software and service for support.

Beyond the logo itself, a stronger colour pallet has been introduced, providing an eye-catching backdrop.

Some things don’t change

The most important thing to note is that although we look different, we’re the same loveable software provider that you’ve known all this time, continuing to create excellent, simple-to-use products for your small accountancy practice.

We hope you’ll like the new brand and we’d be pleased to hear your feedback and suggestions.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.