Our Team

Our team

At Keytime, we pride ourselves on our unique combination of experience, value for money, product excellence and customer satisfaction.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been providing software to accountants. More than 2,500 accountancy practices trust us to deliver great software at a fair price and we take that trust seriously.

Take a free test drive of Keytime today. You’ll see why we our real-time customer satisfaction levels stay consistently above 95% (scroll down to see our live support feed and testimonials). There’s no download involved, you can fire it up from within your browser within a matter of seconds.


Steve Murray
Steve is our Product Specialist and has been a member of the team since November 2009. An avid golf player, Steve also enjoys his whiskey nights down his local pub. He's been to Nepal twice and has seen Mount Everest.
Chris Jones
Chris is the Sales Manager for Keytime, taking over the reigns in May 2016. Chris loves everything about football, except Leeds United and loves playing golf in his spare time. His favourite holiday was when he went to Brisbane.
Chris Mullock
Chris is one of our Account Managers and joined the team back in March 2015. Chris loves to cook, listening to music and plays League of Legends in his spare time. His favourite holiday was a full family trip to Rhodes where his cousin got married.
Rachael Hyland
Rachael is one of the Account Managers at Keytime and joined the company back in 2012. Rachael is a huge fan of singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan and enjoys watching Call The Midwife on TV. In her spare time, she loves ice skating and camping.


Callum Macrae
Callum is our Marketing Campaign Manager and joined the team in October 2010. Callum is a Star Wars fanatic and enjoys going to live gigs. His favourite holiday destination was Barbados, where he has visited twice!


Alex Fletcher
Alex is one of our Software Developers and joined the team in November 2011. Alex loves listening to music and playing video games in his spare time and says Denmark was his favourite holiday.
Alison Ford
Alison is the Operations Manager at Keytime and has been with the company since 1997. Alison loves travelling and cooking and also helps out with her local Cub Scout group in her spare time. She also loves spending time with her two boys. She's seen a lot of the world, but her favourites were seeing the Northern Lights in Canada, the Holy Lands and visiting the California coast.
Gerard White
Gerard is one of our Software Developers and joined the team in 2012. Gerard likes vinyl (records - not floor tiles) and watching the football. Gerard is hoping to complete a 5K run this year and enjoys playing guitar and drawing/sketching in his spare time.
Paul Ralph
Paul has been with Keytime since 1998 and is our Development Manager. Paul likes spending time with his wife and two children, except when they answer back. Paul's favourite holiday was when he went camping in France with his family.
Victoria Hufton
Victoria joined the team in April 2013 and works as a Software Tester/QC in our Development team. Victoria isn't a fan of having her picture taken (we were lucky to get one), but she is a fan of post-it notes and the smell of coffee. In her spare time, Victoria likes origami and reading.


David Hulme
David works in the Support team and joined us in November 2014. David enjoys reading (especially books of the Fantasy genre), watching movies and enjoying good food. His favourite holiday was when he visited Sorrento, Italy.
George O’Neill
George works in the Support team and joined the team in July 2014. George is a huge rugby fan and enjoys a night out with his friends. His favourite holiday was when he went to Zante in 2015 with the lads.
Martyn Crompton
Martyn rejoined the company in 2012 and works in the Support team. Martyn is a Manchester City season ticket holder and enjoys live music and time on his PS4. His favourite holiday was when he went to Magaluf - hot weather and cheap alcohol.
Steven Leach
Steven is the Support Manager and joined Keytime back in 2004. He loves his football and spending time with his wife and three boys. His favourite holiday was when he went to Mexico for his honeymoon - he didn't want to come home!


Samina Bibi
Samina joined the team in 2010 and works in our Finance team. She enjoys shopping, cooking and spending time with her children (apart from the late nights)
Sara Doodson
Sara heads up our Finance team and joined Keytime ten years ago. Sara loves spending time with her two children in her spare time. Her favourite holiday destination is the Dominican Republic.


Nicola Buckley
Nicola has been at Keytime since 2008 and works in our Renewals team. In her spare time, Nicola loves spending time with her daughter and enjoys a bit of retail therapy too. Her favourite holiday was when she went to Turkey with her daughter for their first family holiday.