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Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax allows you to file CT600 returns, iXBRL computations and iXBRL accounts online to HMRC. We’ve made this process seamless.

You can import figures from Accounts Production, produce iXBRL computations and file online with the minimum of fuss.

If you need to handle variable accounting periods, file earlier periods or amended returns, we’ve made it straightforward.


Online filing to HMRC including attachments and amended returns

iXBRL computations produced automatically

Attach iXBRL accounts from Accounts Production, Accounts Plus, or 3rd party software

Calculates Research & development relief

IRIS OpenSpace Integration

Covers accounting periods of up to 18 months

Manage losses, deficits and excess amounts easily

Export to PDF

Easy to use Capital Allowances Calculator




£626 per year + VAT

Unlimited Clients

We offer reduced cost licences for smaller client numbers.

Moving to Keytime

Switching software supplier is usually accompanied by a chorus of claims about how “all your data will come across”.

We don’t make that claim. While we can typically bring across the standing data (names, addresses, the totals of boxes on the tax return etc.), we generally can’t bring across transaction data (schedules of dividends and the like).

The only promise we make is this:

We’ll bring across what we can


Available by phone, email and online